A talk with Raphael Mechoulam

One of the experts working in cooperation with Grüne Labs, Ph.D in Neuroscience Renato Malcher, had the opportunity to attend the new edition of CannaTech, an event that brings together leaders from the global industry, covering the fields of science, research, finance, medicine, government policy, technological innovation, agriculture and entrepreneurship, with a unique focus on medicinal cannabis and the opportunities that surround it.
During his stay he was able to meet with the Israeli professor Raphael Mechoulam, the first to isolate and determine the structure of THC, the main active ingredient of cannabis. His studies of cannabis and how it works in the brain have allowed the development of natural medicines for the treatment of various pathologies. However, despite having proven the effectiveness of medicines in different diseases, he admits that the use of cannabis in the clinical setting has not been fully extended in order to help patients around the world.