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Grüne Labs is a global biopharmaceutical company with operations in Uruguay and Portugal, leading innovation in therapeutic medicines for children, adults, and veterinary uses through high technology in the processing of botanical specialities.


We combine biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to achieve high quality products.


The innovative merit of the project is the procurement of cannabis oils for the treatment of various diseases.


To generate an extract that serves as raw material for the development of medicinal products.

GrüneLabs’ mission is to be a trusted partner for its patients and consumers by transforming their lives with a cultivated experience, health, and wellbeing through high-quality, differentiated, and innovative products.

A pioneer in the development of cannabis extraction for drug production, GrüneLabs yields medicinal cannabis to treat neurological diseases and other pathologies.

We are focused on transforming biopharmaceutical discoveries into novel medicines to give people around the world to live better, redefining what’s possible.

Fundación Batar y GrüneLabs

Who we Are

The people who make it happen.

Sergio Merofa

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Founding partner of GrüneLabs, the first acquisition and legal license in the Americas and one of the pioneers in the world. Responsible for fundraising and sales; Company administrator; Owner of the first cannabis-related brand in Brazil; Former textile industrialist from SP; Helicopter pilot.

Dr. Romina Espinosa

Responsible Pharmacist

Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Laboratory professor at the Universidad de La República Oriental del Uruguay – UDELAR; Specialist in Analytical Method Development and Validation in HPLC; Specialist in good documentation practices and Process Validation in the Pharmaceutical Industry; GrüneLabs’ Technical responsible.


Pedro Martinez Pollo

Master Grower

Bachelor of Medicine; Second year in the Faculty of Agronomy – UDELAR; Graduated in hydroponics; Head of indoor cultivation in Uruguay; eight years of experience in legal cannabis cultivation; Responsible for the exponential increase in indoor GACP production since joining the company as responsible for the cultivation.

Felipe Costa

Laboratory Manager

Chemist graduated from the University of Brasília; Specialist in botanical extractions; Head of GrüneLabs’ laboratory in Uruguay.


Sonia Correa

Administrative Manager

Administrator and HR, a specialist in the cannabis business.
Part of the team since Grünelabs’ foundation in Uruguay.


Sofia Amoreira

Administrative Assistant and HR

Administrator and HR specialist in the cannabis business. Part of the team since Grünelabs’ foundation in Portugal.

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GrüneLabs is a global biopharmaceutical company with operations in Uruguay, and Portugal.

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