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Good agricultural practices applied to the cultivation, harvesting, drying, packaging and collection of cannabis sativa inflorescences for medicinal use, in inflorescence and extract modality.


Good Manufacturing Practices for drying plant material and obtaining extracts based on cannabis (psychoactive and non-psychoactive) for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Grüne Labs yields singular medicines to treat neurological diseases and other pathologies.

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Leaders in cannabis production since 2016. Enabled by IRCCA under the cultivation license since 2018 and industrialization laboratory authorization granted by the MSP since 2020.

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We combine biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to achieve high quality products.



Cannabis has been used for therapeutic purposes for more than 4,000 years.


We investigate the development of botanical extracts for medicinal purposes with the support of the Technological Park of Pando, Uruguay.


Located in the central area of ​​Portugal, GrüneLabs has geographical advantages as it is 248 km away from Lisbon, 268 km away from Porto and 386 km from Madrid, important entry gates to Europe.


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GrüneLabs is a global biopharmaceutical company with operations in Uruguay, and Portugal.

+598 2291 4543

Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Pando
91000, Pando

Departamento de Canelones

Parque Industrial Gardunha Sul

Estrada Nacional 18, km 80,5

6005-300 | Soalheira

Castelo Branco

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