Cannabis has been used for therapeutic purposes for more than 4,000 years. Multiple studies have been conducted around the world that have investigated and highlighted the numerous medicinal benefits of this plant. Within professional medical fields, the treatment of illnesses with cannabis derivatives has spread.
The innovative merit of the project is the procurement of cannabis oils, which contain a sought-after mix of cannabinoids for the treatment of various diseases, by means of a combination of proper procedures for seed selection, plant production and standardized extraction processes.
The company is lead by two founding partners: Sergio Merofa y João Paulo Rocha, both from Brazil. Providing technical support is Master of Molecular Biology and Ph.D in Neuroscience Dr. Renato Malcher. The technical and scientific lead (lead scientific technician) of the project is Eleonora Scosería, owner of Infodynamis, who brings vast experience in the national pharmaceutical sector.

For conducting and carrying out research and development activities, the services of the chemistry department at Pando Technology Park have been secured, providing advice and technical support.

The company is already functional and counts with all necessary facilities, located within the Pando Technology Park. We estimate to start marketing during 2021.

The medicinal use of cannabis is an issue currently on the agenda for most countries in the world.

Latin America is no exception, as governments in the region are debating the legalization of production and the specific uses of the plant. By February 2018, medicinal use will be regulated and permitted for most countries in the region, and there are already hundreds of cases where cannabis extracts have been imported for compassionate medicinal use.

Currently, cannabis extracts with the characteristics to be produced by GrüneLabs are not available in the local and regional market, nor are the production processes that ensure Pharma-Grade level quality.